Tai Chi Music by the Silk OrchestraPat Clemence and The Silk Orchestra presents Tai Chi Music

The Silk Orchestra plays all new World Music for tai chi chu'an. Ideal track lengths for class or individual practice, as well as for international style competition and demonstration. Inspirational music for slower and more dynamic practice, as well as sabre and sword forms, pushing hands and breathing meditation. Featured on numerous Wu Style Tai Chi videos, this music is suitable for all styles of tai chi chu'an and the martial arts.

MP3 samples: Remembrance 108 (30 minute remix) | Cloud Hands (Slow Form) | Her Graceful Heart (Sword Form) | Tai Chi Waltz | Carry Tiger to the Mountain (Sabre Form)

Tai Chi Music Titles

  1. Cloud Hands (54 Form, Slow Form 5'41)
  2. Her Graceful Heart (Sword Form 5'46)
  3. The Tai Chi Waltz (4'20)
  4. Nine Palace (Pushing Hands 3'29)
  5. Dai Lui (Pushing Hands 3'00)
  6. White Crane (Slow Form 5'41)
  7. Carry Tiger to the Mountain (Sabre Form, Dragon Dance 5'02)
  8. Remembrance 108 (Long Form) (Slow Form, 30'14)
  9. Small Sky, Breath Music (Qi Gong Breathing 5'00)
  10. Celtic Dragon (Ceremonial 4'35)

Total Length : 73:18

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